Associate Director of Recruitment
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    I grew up in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in a town called Bailey, CO and graduated from UNC with my bachelor's degree in 2015 and most recently a Master’s degree in 2020, so I'm very familiar with Colorado and UNC. My Master’s thesis research involves how physical activity and a sense of belonging help predict first-year university student retention. When I'm not at the university I am either spending time outdoors on the golf course or in the mountains. I've worked in many offices across campus as a student and loved my experience here, which is one reason I decided to continue to serve students by working in the Office of Admissions.

    Favorite place at UNC: 

    Gunter Hall and Gunter Green, which used to serve as our athletic and recreation complex before it was renovated in 1996.

    Favorite place in Greeley: 

    Poudre trail that runs from Greeley up to the rest of Northern Colorado.

    Favorite UNC fact?  

    Our original colors were purple/gold, but the rumored reason our colors changed to navy/gold was our football team’s uniforms being improperly washed. The purple bled out and turned to navy.

    Favorite fictional bear? 

    Smokey the Bear. Growing up in the mountains, Smokey would come to our school to talk about fire safety.

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