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    I grew up in Fowler, CO, a small town in southeast Colorado. I graduated from Colorado State University where I also served as an Admissions Ambassador and Coordinator, where I found a passion for helping students and families. My favorite part of my role is working with students and families to help them through the college selection process in order to get them where they want to be when they graduate. When I’m not working with students, you can find me on the golf course, playing basketball, playing music, or hanging out with friends and family. 

    Favorite place at UNC: 

    I love watching basketball games at Butler-Hancock Arena and football games at Nottingham Field, and love watching Bear’s Baseball games – I love the energy around the Athletics facilities and that side of campus! 

    Favorite place in Greeley: 

    Glenmere Park – Just a few blocks west of campus, it’s a really great place to go for a walk (preferably with my dog by my side), sit by the lake, watch the trees change in the fall, and play in the grass. A really underappreciated part of Greeley!  

    Favorite UNC fact?  

    UNC does a ton of different research around campus, including studying traumatic brain injuries and concussions, snake venom in cancer treatments, biofuel alternatives from a "diesel tree," West Nile virus, noise-induced hearing loss and prevention, lasers to monitor volcanoes, and bats. 

    Favorite fictional bear? 

    Koda from Brother Bear! 

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    If you have submitted an application to UNC, you are invited to an information and QA session on Wed, Oct 27 from 7:30-8:30PM to meet your admission counselor Dean Klinkerman and UNC's Director of Admissions, Dr. Dave Fedorchak.
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